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Jul 29

Upcoming Events

Here is a quick reminder of upcoming events:

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Jul 26

Update: Indian Airports

Attention travelers: Per the latest Indian government guidelines, check-in counters at domestic airports will close 45 minutes before departure. If arranging independent airport transfers, please plan your commute accordingly. Presently, airlines allow passengers to check-in up to twenty minutes before departure. (In some smaller airports, even fifteen minutes is sufficient time.)

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Jul 22

India:#1 Emerging Luxury Destination

India was once reserved as a destination for backpackers, voluntourism, and group tours. Though the market remains strong for budget-friendly travel - India remains one of the top ten most affordable destinations in the world - luxury travelers have finally discovered the Indian decadence. The 2010 Virtuoso Luxe Report recognized India as the #1 Emerging Destination for Luxury Travelers. Spacious villas, private tours, and the incomparable Indian hospitality are just a few of the elements that have won over the hearts of tourists worldwide. Furthermore, in today's market, even luxury travelers are looking for a good deal - another benefit to experiencing what India has to offer. As one traveler recently told me, "I am a 6-star traveler, but I don't need bragging rights. Even I like to find a good deal. And India was the perfect combination of opulence and affordability."

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Jul 19

The Indian Rupee's New Symbol

It's official! The Indian Rupee will soon have a unique symbol - a blend of the Roman R and Devanagri Ra. India joins the United States, Japan, and Britain as having a distinct identity. The symbol was designed by D Udaya Kumar, an IIT (India Institute of Technology) Bombay Post Graduate. Kumar's entry was chosen from over 3,000 entries. Ambika Sona, the Information and Broadcasting Minister, stated, "It's a big statement on the Indian currency... The symbol would lend a distinctive character and identity to the currency and further highlight the strength and global face of the Indian economy."

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Jul 15

Dining in Delhi

Last week, one of our Sodha Traveler's, Sandy, passed on a wonderful article about the affordable delights of Delhi dining. Sandy wrote, "This article is wonderful and sends me right back to Delhi in my mind, heart, and tummy!" Be sure to check out the article by Philip Reeves: New Delhi: A Princely Feast for a Paupers Price. Thank you for sharing, Sandy!

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Jul 12

New Passport Fees

Effective July 13th, the U.S. State Department will impose new fees for passport products and services. Here is a list of the scheduled changes:

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Jul 8
Jul 5

The Sodha Travel Airfare Guarantee

Many of you have taken advantage of our discounted international airfares, with some travelers saving over 28% off the published fare! Now, Sodha Travel's airfare desk is going one step beyond to offer a price guarantee: If you find a lower fare from another agency, we will beat the price. Also, if you find a published fare on an online site, we will match the price. (Please note that for an online price match, the departing and returning airline must be the same carrier.)

Posted by Allison Sodha at 04:31 AM
Jul 1

Political Stability in Nepal

Some of our Sodha Travelers have been inquiring about the safety in Nepal. Political violence has occurred sporadically throughout the country in the past, including protests, demonstrations, and localized vandalism. Currently, we have not canceled any tours that include Nepal and we will continue to process reservations for upcoming tours. However, we do not recommend hiking alone, particularly in Pokhara, Chitwan, and the Northern trails. Our team in Kathmandu continues to monitor the situation and we will notify you of any changes. More travel information and a detailed synopsis of the political disturbance can be found on the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 03:36 AM

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