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Chapati Machine at Langar Hall, Amritsar

Only in India

India. A country so diverse that every few steps feels like a whole new world. In our "Only in India" series, explore the historical, spiritual, cultural, and geographical treasures in the largest democracy in the world.

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Episode 1: India's Cultural Curiosities

Episode 2: The Story and Significance of River Ganges

Episode 3: Travel Like a Royal in India

Episode 4: Highlights of Kerala

Episode 5: Agra - Beyond the Taj Mahal

Episode 6: What to Eat in Amritsar

Episode 7: Local Transportation in India

Episode 8: India Hotels with an Iconic View

Episode 9: The Big Cats of India

Episode 10: Religious Destinations and Spiritual Sites

Episode 11: Grand Palaces of India

Episode 12: The Caste System

Episode 13: Accommodations in India

Episode 14: Differences Between North and South India

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