Travel Relaxed. Travel Secured. Travel Insured.

Sodha Travel has partnered with Travel Insured International to provide travel insurance for our clients. For 25 years, Travel Insured has served customers with high quality coverage, helping each traveler remain protected and confident. Travel Insured is consistently rated one of the top insurance agencies in the country.

We recommend purchasing travel insurance for various reasons:

  • You or your family can become sick or injured and are unable to travel
  • You arrive at your destination and your luggage is lost or stolen
  • Your plane is delayed and you pay additional expenses
  • You become ill or injured abroad and need medical attention
  • You are injured during your trip and need to be medically evacuated
  • You need to interrupt your trip and return home

The cost of your insurance plan is dependent on particular variables: age, dates of travel and the total trip cost. If you are concerned about pre-existing health conditions, we highly recommend purchasing your insurance plan within 14 days of your initial trip deposit for a pre-existing condition waiver.

For a detailed description of each plan, as well as to purchase, please click below: