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Dec 21

Air Travel and the Value of Travel Insurance

I have written quite a few posts about travel insurance - the benefits, the policies, and why I always recommend coverage for clients. I also make sure to personally purchase a policy for each and every trip abroad. For the past two weeks, several of our clients have been met with unfortunate circumstances when traveling. All of the incidents have been associated with air travel, which is not surprising to us, especially this time of year. Flights are oversold, winter weather is unpredictable, and the busy holiday season makes it difficult for airlines to efficiently accommodate the passengers.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 06:10 AM

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Apr 12

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

I was recently reading an article in the LA Times about a family emergency that required a costly flight change. Due to unexpected circumstances, the passenger lost over $800 and will most likely have none of it refunded by the airline. Although these experiences are frustrating, they are unfortunately becoming all too common. I often discuss the benefits of travel insurance, and this story is just one more example of why it is worth it.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 04:56 AM

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Aug 16

What Do I Pack?

To Pack or Not to Pack? Our travelers often inquire about the best way to "lug their luggage" to South Asia. It truly all depends on the destination, season, and duration of travel.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 03:13 AM

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Nov 15

Travel Insurance: Myths vs Facts

Sodha Travel highly recommends purchasing travel insurance to protect your trip investment, your family and yourself. Reasons include:

Posted by Allison Sodha at 10:03 PM

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