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Jul 12

New Passport Fees

Effective July 13th, the U.S. State Department will impose new fees for passport products and services. Here is a list of the scheduled changes:

Product / Service Current Fee New Fee
Adult Passport Book (First Time) $100 $135
Minor Passport Book (First Time) $85 $105
Adult Passport Book Renewal $75 $110
Minor Passport Book Renewal $60 $80
Adult Passport Card (First Time) $45 $55
Minor Passport Card (First Time) $35 $40
Adult Passport Card Renewal $20 $30
Minor Passport Card Renewal $10 $15

As stated in our previous passport post, the fees are not just used to process passports but also to assist American citizens in emergency situations overseas. The money is also allocated to invest in fraud protection and expand passport infrastructure and services. More information can be found on the State Department Passports site, or contact a Sodha Travel rep with any questions.

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