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Jul 26

Update: Indian Airports

Attention travelers: Per the latest Indian government guidelines, check-in counters at domestic airports will close 45 minutes before departure. If arranging independent airport transfers, please plan your commute accordingly. Presently, airlines allow passengers to check-in up to twenty minutes before departure. (In some smaller airports, even fifteen minutes is sufficient time.)

Also, a reminder that certain airports have a departure tax for international flights. Most airlines include this tax in the ticket price. Additionally, until March 2012, the Delhi airport is charging an Airport Development Fee (ADF) of Rs 200 for each domestic passenger and Rs 1300 for each international passenger, including children and infants. Payment must be made in INR – no USD or foreign currency will be accepted – and it will be collected at the time of departure from the domestic or international airport, respectively.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 03:10 AM

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