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A Boutique Travel Company Specializing in Private, Immersive, and Luxury Experiences in South Asia

Sodha Travel invites you to see the world your way. Our private, socially-conscious itineraries offer a mindful approach to travel. We specialize in customized, culturally authentic programs with insider access to unique experiences.

Sodha Travel's personal travel representatives reside in the destinations we serve and are immediately responsive to your needs. Our award-winning specialists have spent thousands of hours inspecting hotels, building relationships, supporting communities, and personally experiencing the road less traveled. 

Our Destinations

What motivates you to travel? For our team, it's about making connections with communities and one another. It's a smile, a conversation, a shared experience. It's about embracing diversity while also recognizing that our similarities harmonize our differences. It's about creating sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for this magnificent planet.

Why Sodha Travel?

Local Connections

Local Connections

With insider access to unique experiences, Sodha Travel's guides and historians are thoughtfully selected for each program. Our itineraries cater to your individual interests and our team invites you to share in the customs of the community.



At Sodha Travel, we prefer a boutique approach to understanding our clients. The planning process is a time to create, converse, and collaborate. We take a genuine interest in learning your story and what fuels your wanderlust. No two itineraries are the same.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Sodha Travel is committed to directly supporting the destinations we serve. A portion of all sales are donated to organizations making a difference in local communities. Together, we can make our world a better place.

Sodha Travel's Featured Tours

Ayurveda spa treatments with coastal breezes. Buddhist cave temples in emerald forests. Private game drives in a renowned wildlife sanctuary.

Sodha Travel has negotiated exclusive prices for these PRIVATE TOURS that include destination highlights and local, immersive experiences. Skip the large groups and see the world your way.

It's not where you travel but how you travel!

Together, let's journey to where the familiar becomes unfamiliar and make travel more experiential.

Get inspired with Sodha Travel's Signature Experiences and explore the communities we serve. 

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