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Apr 22

An Airline Quiz: Can You Match Airlines and Airports?

Calling all flight enthusiasts! The following airlines and airports service the destinations under Sodha Travel's umbrella. Can you match the airline and airport with its respective code? Good luck! (The answers are provided below.)

Posted by Allison Sodha at 07:55 AM
Apr 15

Win a Gift Box from Nepal!

We recently wrote about how your reviews mean the world to us. Quite literally. With Sodha Travelers from the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, Australia, England, Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, and Dubai (just to name a few), your reviews connect us with the world. With such an international reach, our clients rely on your testimonials to discover more about our award-winning team.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 06:20 AM

Posted in Nepal

Apr 6

Legends and Landscapes of Nepal

Hello, travelers! Namaste from Nepal. We have been having an epic experience the past few days in the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal never ceases to amaze me - the warmth of the people are just a small part of what makes this Himalayan country so inviting. Kathmandu is a short flight from Delhi or Varanasi, making it an ideal excursion from India. (It is also easily accessible from Paro, Bhutan.) Here are a few highlights from the journey that I highly recommend to all of our Sodha Travelers:

Posted by Allison Sodha at 04:22 PM

Posted in Nepal, Airlines, Food and Water, Himalayas

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