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Allison Sodha

We recently wrote about how your reviews mean the world to us. Quite literally. With Sodha Travelers from the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, Australia, England, Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, and Dubai (just to name a few), your reviews connect us with the world. With such an international reach, our clients rely on your testimonials to discover more about our award-winning team.

What was a personal highlight during your trip? Do you want to give special recognition to a member of our team? Tell us about your experience on our Yelp and/or Google+ pages. Your review may feature any of our services, including custom packages, consultations, and independent reservations.

As an added incentive, if you post a review on Yelp or Google+ by May 15, 2014, you will automatically be entered to win a gift box from Nepal! The box includes a beautiful yak wool shawl, hand-painted Ganesha, and Rudraksha (Hindu prayer beads) from the Pashupatinath Temple. Allison Sodha personally selected each item during her recent trip to Kathmandu. Here is a preview:

Yak wool shawl, hand-painted Ganesha and prayer beads Yak wool shawl, hand-painted Ganesha and prayer beads


Vibrant colors from Nepal Vibrant colors from Nepal

So, head on over to Yelp or Google+, leave a review, and enter to win! A member of our team will contact the winner by May 20, 2014.

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

Sodha Travel was born from my desire to share the beauty of India with the world. Since then, our services have extended to other destinations - but our passion remains the same. To me, traveling is a multifaceted relationship: a relationship with other cultures, a relationship with other people, and ultimately a relationship with our own self.