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Jul 31

Top Mobile International Apps for Travel to India

India is beautiful, diverse, and enchanting. But if you are not prepared, mobile international travel apps can help make the planning process easier. Here are a few ways to improve the planning process and make travel enjoyable with mobile international travel apps.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 09:33 AM

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Jul 26

Visit Sri Lanka's Fascinating Tea Plantations

Ceylon tea, grown on the island now called Sri Lanka, is one of the world's most enjoyable brews. Tea production is a fascinating subject, and many tea plantations in Sri Lanka offer accommodation to visitors with an interest in the process. A visit to one of Sri Lanka's tea producing areas can be a highly original travel experience and an exciting one for tea lovers.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 09:07 AM

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Jul 24

A Guide to the Tsechu Festivals of Bhutan

The Tsechu festivals of Bhutan are a thriving ancient tradition that counts among the most compelling sights in the world. Featuring so-called “mask dances,” these festivals are held in Buddhist temples and monasteries, and are religious occasions for prayer and blessings.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 08:45 AM

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Jul 19

The Mountains, The Mystery and The Momo of Nepal

The landlocked country of Nepal is arguably most famous for its mountainous geography, especially the world renowned Mount Everest, known as the highest place on Earth. Located in the Himalayas, the capital city of Kathmandu is both rich in culture and saturated with an exotic backdrop frequently mentioned in novels and movies.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 06:53 AM

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Jul 17

Romantic Honeymoon Packages in India Beckon with Adventure

Browsing for honeymoon packages in India makes you quickly realize that this is a country of contrasts, beauty and mystery. India is quickly becoming a honeymoon destination for people around the world because it offers a variety of scenery, cultural uniqueness and affordability. With such diversity, colorful India beckons to the couple just married or the happily married partners who are finally enjoying a honeymoon delayed for many years.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 05:07 AM

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Jul 11

Travel to India on the 2013 “Colors of India” Tour with Sodha Travel

“Colors of India” is a women-only tour that highlights the colorful history, culture and cuisine of Northern India. The next tour is from February 21 – March 2, 2013, and space is limited to 18 guests. Travel with a group of women who share in the excitement of India and make friends in a supportive, safe, and enriching environment.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 08:00 PM

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Jul 10

Travel to India and Discover the Country’s Top Cities and Destinations

India, a vast and beautiful land filled with wondrous cities and landscapes, is home to a wealth of leading travel and tourism destinations. Traveling to India lets visitors witness exotic cultures, breathtaking scenery and some of the world’s most renowned historical sites. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the majestic Taj Mahal, the gorgeous beaches of Goa to the ancient temples and fortress of Delhi, India plays host to a plethora of splendorous and memorable sights and attractions. Whether you’re a veteran global traveler or touring abroad for the first time, India is a nation that simply must be seen to be believed.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 05:29 AM

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