Top Mobile International Apps for Travel to India

Allison Sodha

India is beautiful, diverse, and enchanting. But if you are not prepared, mobile international travel apps can help make the planning process easier. Here are a few ways to improve the planning process and make travel enjoyable with mobile international travel apps.

How to Travel to India from a Tourists’ Perspective

Delhi Third Eye is an “Augmented Reality App” designed specifically for tourists who want to travel independently. The free application features a vast database of all tourist attractions, entertainment and accommodations in Delhi. Realistic photographs are provided of the areas visitors are considering visiting.

Delhi Third Eye is often compared to Tourist Eye. Tourist Eye is one of the more generic mobile international travel apps for people who may be traveling to any of the 10,000 destinations in the world, including Delhi. The application includes trip planners, trip journals, transport maps and personalized recommendations. Find the best shopping or bazaars, mosques, museums, public transportation and much more.

Show Me Your Wikitude

Wikitude is a popular application that will help you identify major attractions or landmarks just by simply waving your camera in front of it. While traveling in India, you will find information on the attraction that will make you appear to be an expert. There are two million or more points of interest in India covered in the Wikitude. You also find restaurants and discounts available at any of the tourist attractions.

I’m Sorry. I Didn’t Quite Catch What You Said?

Google Translate features accurate translations of the basic Hindi phrases. If you are in New Delhi and need to order food, Google Translate can help. Google Translate has been supporting Hindi translations to English since 2008. Google Translate supports Speech-to-Text translation from English to Hindi, but it has not added the converse translation.

Are You Hungry? Let’s Eat lists all the Indian restaurants in 160 countries around the world including India. If you are ready to eat, this application will help you find the best Indian restaurants. It’s not quite the UrbanSpoon of India, but it is a close approximation.

Map My India

Map My India is a great GPS-based application that can help tourists find any attraction during their travel to India. The application helps tourists find nearby restaurants, ATMs, movie theaters, petrol pumps, retail and other locations.

Conversions are Easy

Convert anything with Conversion Touch. This smart application will convert Rupees to Dollars, Kilometers to Miles and Celsius to Fahrenheit. With this $0.99 application, tourists never have to guesstimate in their heads or pull out a calculator.

Don’t Forget Your Confirmation Number

There is nothing like traveling internationally and a representative cannot find your information. It is frustrating. Instead, be prepared with one of the most convenient mobile international travel apps, TripIt. This application allows users to store all of their confirmation numbers for flights, hotels and rental cars in one handy location.

Find Me a Clean Bathroom. Pronto!

Sit or Squat is one of the best mobile international travel apps created by Proctor and Gamble that allows travelers to locate clean bathrooms. The application covers regions all over the world, including India.

Be Mobile with a Mobile

Consider these applications and others when planning a trip to India through Sodha Travel – and beyond! Tell us in the comments below, what are some of your favorite international travel apps?

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

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