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Romantic Honeymoon

Browsing for honeymoon packages in India makes you quickly realize that this is a country of contrasts, beauty and mystery. India is quickly becoming a honeymoon destination for people around the world because it offers a variety of scenery, cultural uniqueness and affordability. With such diversity, colorful India beckons to the couple just married or the happily married partners who are finally enjoying a honeymoon delayed for many years.

Anyone considering honeymoon packages in India needs to be ready to find many options. Each region of India offers a wealth of scenic landscapes and a choice of city excitement or countryside solitude. The exotic sounding names of the honeymoon locations is the first clue that you are preparing to take a memorable excursion. You can enjoy a candlelight dinner in the hill-stations of romantic Shimla. Perhaps you would prefer the rustic charm of Ooty, the beautiful beaches in Goa, the monasteries in Ladakh, or the relaxing beauty of the Andamans Island.

Choose Your Preferred Scenery

India is also quickly becoming a honeymoon destination for people around the world because it offers hospitality and affordability, in addition to the varying landscape. India boasts a Himalayan wall in the north, but the rest of the country is mostly surrounded by water: The Bay of Bengal to the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and the Arabian Sea in the west. You can select a destination that offers the type of scenery you prefer for your honeymoon.

For example, if you enjoy mountain scenery, Darjeeling is a good choice. Set in a valley in the Himalayan Mountains, it is a beautiful summer or fall destination. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is still operating, and a ride offers spectacular scenic views of the mountains and valleys. In this area is found the Ghoom Monastery, Barbotey Rock Garden, and the serene Peace Pagoda. North India has more than mountains because you will also find the Jammu and Sringar forests and lakes. This diversity of landscape and attractions is typical of India.

As North India terrain sweeps south, you will find the Indus River Valley, Punjab Plains and Uttar Pradesh Foothills. The famous Ganges River Valley is in the east, while the Thar Desert is in the west. Goa is frequently a beach destination for honeymooners. There are multiple well-groomed beaches in this one area and include Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, and the unspoiled white sand Palolem Beach. However, beautiful beaches dot the west coast of India from the Gujarat peninsula in the north to Kerala in the south. Honeymooners can relax on the beach of choice and enjoy the resort hospitality that Indian hosts excel in delivering.

The west coast of India has rainforests, while the east coast has a unique landscape called the eastern triangle. South India is filled with honeymooners because Kerala is a popular destination for vacationers.

Adventure or Quiet Solitude?

Couples considering purchasing honeymoon packages in India are confronted with a delightful dilemma. They must choose a package from among dozens that all offer honeymooners adventure, quiet solitude or both. Do you want to bask on the golden sand at Malpe Beach, go on a camel safari in the Thar Desert, or visit the Taj Mahal?

Since India enjoys hosting people celebrating their marriage, there are also many choices for accommodations. India is filled with beach resorts, mountain retreats, houseboat hotels, and unique hotels in locations like Dalhousie and Srinagar. Both locations are mountain cities offering breathtaking views and a host of activities including hiking, horseback riding, fishing and area sightseeing tours. How can honeymooners go wrong walking through the Meadow of Flowers? Just the name inspires love.

Enjoy the Company

If all you really want to do is enjoy each other’s company, the resorts and hotels offer every opportunity for romance. Your bed might be decorated in flowers, a private table provided for a candle light dinner, and a morning bed tea delivered by an impeccably dressed hospitality representative. Your hosts in India understand how to create an atmosphere of romance for an unforgettable honeymoon.

There are simply too many ideal honeymoon packages in India to list at once. Sodha Travel can give you current information on the available options. Visit India, and you will soon understand exactly how good life can be.


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