Travel Insurance: Myths vs Facts

Allison Sodha

Sodha Travel highly recommends purchasing travel insurance to protect your trip investment, your family and yourself. Reasons include:

  • You or your family can become ill or injured and are unable to travel
  • You arrive at your destination and your luggage is stolen or lost
  • Your flight is delayed and you pay additional expenses
  • You become ill or injured abroad and require medical attention
  • You need to interrupt your trip and return home

There are many misconceptions about travel insurance coverage and we want you to know the facts before making a decision.

Travel Insurance is too expensive!
Many companies do offer overpriced plans. However, Sodha Travel offers comprehensive and affordable policies through our insurance partner, Travel Insured International. We also ask that you consider the money you may lose and/or costs that may incur in the event of a medical emergency or trip cancellation. Travel Insured offers several high-quality plans that fit most budgets so you can be assured you are protected. Additionally, TII is consistently rated one of the top insurance agencies in the country.

I already have insurance coverage through my credit card company.
While it is true that some card companies offer flight and baggage protection, these policies are generally limited. We ask that you contact your card provider and inquire about the policy inclusions and exclusions. Our plans include comprehensive benefits that include cancel for work reasons, trip interruption, a pre-existing medical conditions waiver, and medical evacuation.

My regular health insurance provides protection if I travel overseas.
Most domestic insurance policies do not cover overseas medical expenses. The following is quoted from the State Department website:

"Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care abroad can be expensive and medical evacuation to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000. Note that U.S. medical insurance is generally not accepted outside the United States, nor do the Social Security Medicare and Medicaid programs provide coverage for hospital or medical costs outside the United States."

We strongly recommend that you contact your provider for a detailed list of benefits for illness or injury abroad. Our policies offer a minimum of $10,000 in medical coverage with a $50 deductible.


We want to assure that you have all the facts about travel insurance before deciding if a policy is right for you and your family. Please contact us with additional information.

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

As the President of Sodha Travel and author of Go! Girl Guides India, Allison has spent almost two decades exploring South Asia. She has a passion for creating experiences fueled by a deeper understanding of local communities.