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Nov 7

Tales from Thailand

Since launching our private Thailand tours, we have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our Sodha Travelers. Here are two recent testimonials (reprinted with permission):

Well, we must say that you planned an extraordinary journey for us in Thailand. I say "journey" because it truly was an exploration of the senses and just not a trip or vacation. There are endless agencies offering tours of Thailand but I can't imagine anything better than Sodha Travel. First, your responsiveness far exceeded any other company during the planning stages. Second, you offered a custom program that really included my trip preferences and special interests. We received several proposals but Sodha Travel's was the only one that felt personalized and unique. Your Thailand team was wonderful and kept us comfortable and engaged with the locals. The entire experience was magnificent. We already look forward to our next journey with your company. A million thanks for the memories. - Roberta Thompson

E. Parks with one of our fabulous Thailand guides! E. Parks with one of our fabulous Thailand guides!

I had an enriching time in Thailand. The guides that Sodha Travel arranged for me in Thailand were helpful and engaging. Overall, the people were beautiful, the food was delicious, and I am now in love with Marigolds! - E. Parks

Do you have any tales from Thailand to share with our team? Please submit to travel@sodhatravel.com.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 09:23 AM

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