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Allison Sodha

Welcome to Shahpura Bagh, an oasis in unexplored Rajasthan. With only nine suites set in 45 acres of gardens and pastures surrounded by two lakes, the working farm is a serene oasis. The descendants of the rulers of Shapura still live in one of the houses on this lush estate:

"In the early 1900’s, Rajadhiraj Nahar Singh of Shahpura mortgaged the family’s private property and jewels to bring water to his people. Today, the lakes he created form the heart of a verdant wetland refuge - historic, picturesque, tranquil - an idyllic setting where man and nature have come to understand each other."


Ariel View of Shahpura Bagh Ariel View of Shahpura Bagh

The exclusive home stay offers the unique opportunity to interact and engage with the locals in an area off the tourist circuit. Explore the farmlands and neighboring villages with your hosts. A short 30 minute drive from the property brings you to Dhikhola, a quaint and rustic village where time has stood still. Visitors can explore the village and the fort owned by the family. With over 250 small lakes, Shahpura is also a bird watching paradise with over 180 species of birds. In the evening, you can observe the traditional art of Phad painting. Enjoy cocktails at the Old Fort located above the lake and witness the amazing sunset views.

Elegantly appointed suite at Shahpura Bagh Elegantly appointed suite at Shahpura Bagh

Guests may also visit Ram Dwara, the revered ancient temple: "The old city palace reveals the integration of Rajput and Mughal traditions in architecture while the geometrical symmetry of the baoli (stepwell) inspires a serenity that lingers."
For those who prefer more active excursions, trek to a famous tribal temple on top of a wooded hill. Every Saturday and Sunday, tribal communities come from around the region to congregate and worship their tribal deities. Legend has it that all wishes made at the temple will be granted. (The devotion is so fervent that many make the trek barefoot!) There are also spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Feeling more leisurely? Lay on a daybed by the heated pool or take a stroll in the garden. Shahpura offers a highly personalized guest experience and is conveniently located equidistant from Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

Evening poolside at Shahpura Bagh Evening poolside at Shahpura Bagh


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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

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