5 Suggested Day Trips from Bangkok

Allison Sodha

As you may have read in our previous post, you can save $100 on ALL Sodha Travel's Thailand programs if placing a deposit before September 15th. This includes our custom Thailand tours, independent itineraries and ecotourism programs. When visiting Thailand, most travelers arrive in Bangkok. Being the capital and largest gateway, there are endless tour options in Bangkok that include historical sites, floating markets, nightlife, cooking demonstrations, and heritage walks. There are also several day trips from Bangkok worth experiencing. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Ayutthaya by Grand Pearl

This tour by Grand Pearl Cruise introduces you to Ayutthaya’s rich historical and architectural heritage, starting at Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and temple ruins of the 14th and 16th centuries. You will then embark on the Grand Pearl Cruise for the return journey to Bangkok. A lunch buffet is included on the boat. Enjoy the nice scenery along the Chao Phraya riverbanks while cruising back to Bangkok downtown.

Ayutthaya. Photo: Ross Bowling. Ayutthaya. Photo: Ross Bowling.

2. Floating Markets by Cycle

South of Bangkok, the Mae Klong River spreads into a sprawling delta before reaching the Gulf of Thailand at Damnoen Nam Saduak floating market, the biggest and most colorful in Thailand. Start with a longtail boat ride through a maze of canals winding through local villages and various plantations. This eye-opening boat ride offers a glimpse of Thailand of old where local people are going about their daily life in the canal. Riding quiet back roads and jeep trails, stop to visit temples and appreciate the countryside. Enjoy an authentic lunch at a riverside restaurant and a chance to explore a temple complex and local market before returning to Bangkok.

3. Koh Kred

Drive to the pier for a public ferry across the river to Koh Kred, a tiny island in the Chao Phaya River located in Nonthaburi Province. You will walk to visit this small community of craftsmen famous for their distinctive style of pottery, dating back many centuries. The potteries are known for their fine, red-black glazed surface and folk design. They are all handmade and you can observe the process while engaging with the artisans. The residents of Koh Kret are the descendants of the ethnic Mon people who managed to retain the skills of their forefathers. Continue to Suan Thip, a typical Thai House located on the Chao Phraya Riverbank, and enjoy a traditional lunch. Later, return to Bangkok.

Pottery in Koh Kred Pottery in Koh Kred. Photo: Michael Adams

4. Bridge on the River Kwai

This tour takes you to the world famous bridge on the River Kwai, built during World War II by the prisoners of war. The bridge is located near the town of Kanchanaburi, 130 kms. west of Bangkok. You will visit the two well-kept cemeteries containing the graves of an estimated 9,000 soldiers who lost their lives while building the bridge and constructing the notorious “Death Railway” which the Japanese had hoped to stretch all the way to the Burmese border.

Bridge on the River Kwai Bridge on the River Kwai

5. Suphanburi

Drive to Suphanburi province, located 110 kilometers north of Bangkok. Visit the Buffalo Village, where the traditional lifestyle of farmers is demonstrated. See how buffaloes are trained and watch a traditional wedding procession and dances relating to paddy farming. There is also an exhibition of farming tools as well as a variety of traditional Thai houses from the various provinces. After lunch, proceed to the 300-year-old Baan Krang Temple and then continue to Pang Muang Chapel and Don Chedi Memorial, one of the most famous ancient battle sites in Thai history. It was here that King Naresuan, then a prince, defeated the prince of Myanmar on elephant in the late 16th century. In doing so he freed Ayutthaya from the Bago (Pegu) kingdom.

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Allison Sodha

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