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Jul 19

Adoption Travel

In the past few months, Sodha Travel has coordinated several trips to India for families adopting children. One of our clients, Kristy Hall, has been kind enough to share her experiences with us and also has a blog that highlights her journey of international adoption: Overheard in the Hallway - Random thoughts on a family completed by international adoption.

Kristy and her husband recently adopted a three-year-old boy from Kerala, Elijah Vijesh. As a parent, I have appreciated the opportunity to learn about the delicate process of creating a blended family. Kristy is very candid with her experiences and I encourage you to read her journey of adoption.

I wish much happiness to Elijah Vijesh and all the children in their new homes!

Posted by Allison Sodha at 04:45 AM

Posted in Family, India

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