Does customized = expensive? Not with Sodha Travel!

Allison Sodha

In many markets, the word customized is usually an indicator of a product or service being more expensive. Customized furniture. Customized clothes. Customized vehicles. When someone is making the item unique or distinctive, time equals money. So, it does not surprise me that when I encourage clients to customize their itinerary, I am met with hesitation. "Customized? Isn't that more expensive? I don't think that is possible with my budget."

Last week, I started planning a trip for Laura. She had reviewed our Featured Tours and was interested in combining Heritage Discovery and Sublime Kerala. After I started to inquire about her activity preferences, I realized that the planned destinations were perhaps not the best choice. I suggested substituting other cities and adding more specialized tours, including an elephant safari and cooking demonstration. Because Laura had a specific budget, she was concerned about the changes. "Allison, I don't know if that will work. I can't afford a customized trip. What are our other options?" Over the next few days, I slowly reassured her that customized WAS possible. And once she reviewed the final itinerary and proposal - which was actually less than the original tour packages by $67 - she was convinced that yes, travelers can have a customized vacation!

I also often receive emails from past clients who send a link to a current tour from another company. Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, India... They are all wondering, can we offer a similar tour for less? And many times, they are pleasantly surprised to find that that yes, we can! Although we make no price guarantees on our land packages, we remain committed to offering affordable and unique travel experiences.

Many travel agents and agencies impose a supplemental fee for customizing an itinerary. However, Sodha Travel does not require a deposit or fee for creating a customized package proposal. Each journey is different, and we enjoy getting to know our travelers and understanding the reason behind their voyages. For some, it is to immerse in the culture. For others, it is voluntourism. And, by creating each proposal, we also get ideas for our own upcoming trips!

If you are interested in a customized itinerary, please complete our Custom Trip Proposal or contact our team!

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

Sodha Travel was born from my desire to share the beauty of India with the world. Since then, our services have extended to other destinations - but our passion remains the same. To me, traveling is a multifaceted relationship: a relationship with other cultures, a relationship with other people, and ultimately a relationship with our own self.