Client Testimonial: "India transformed me"

Allison Sodha

As I have often expressed in this blog, many of our clients have unexpected and powerful experiences in India and Nepal - experiences that change the way they view their self and humanity. Last week, we received the following testimonial from Laura Kingston in Seattle, Washington (reprinted with her permission):

My trip can be summed in one word: Transformed. As you know, I was planning this trip to India for many months. With your professional experience and expertise, we coordinated the itinerary, hotels, tours, and transportation from north to south. The sites, temples, and food was an anticipated highlight, as well as engaging with the locals. However, I was not anticipating the moment I shared with a local Indian woman in Rajasthan.

I was walking down the narrow streets, after another delicious cup of chai, looking to purchase more souvenirs. And then, I see this woman, sitting on the side of the street, singing to two children. She looked less financially privileged but was still a vision of opulence in her blue and orange saree. Her melodic voice carried down the street - almost like a siren. As the woman closed her eyes and hugged the children, they swayed with her tunes. She had no cup for money, and was not holding out her hand. She was just singing to the children. My eyes filled with tears and I stood on the street with my tears dotting the dusty lane. This moment did something to me. It reminded me that at the core, we are all people who want to feel loved, secure, and safe. India transformed me. And all because of a "random" encounter on the streets of Jodhpur.

Thank you for sharing your moment, Laura. Your experience is a reminder of how travel can be more than a vacation or cultural introduction - it can truly awaken the traveler.

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

Sodha Travel was born from my desire to share the beauty of India with the world. Since then, our services have extended to other destinations - but our passion remains the same. To me, traveling is a multifaceted relationship: a relationship with other cultures, a relationship with other people, and ultimately a relationship with our own self.