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Nov 10

Destination: Ladakh

Ladakh is a remote region in Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India. Located between the Himalayan and Kunlun mountain ranges, Ladakh consists of two districts: Leh and Kargil. Historically, the region was a Buddhist kingdom and was strategically placed at the crossroads of major trading routes. Ladakh is commonly called "Little Tibet" and many travelers have discovered this destination as an alternative to visiting the disputed territory of Tibet.

One of our clients, Deborah Emmett-Pike, recently returned from Ladakh and was kind enough to share a few of her favorite pictures that I have posted. She also recommended "that any day trip should include Lamayuru Monastery (about 125km outside of Leh) and on the return a visit to Alchi Choskar."

If you are interested in visiting this region of untouched splendor, please contact us for more information. Enjoy the pictures!

Posted by Allison Sodha at 06:46 PM

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