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Oct 29

Communication in India: Internet, Phone Calls and WiFi

A few quick facts about communication accessibility in India:

The internet is widely available in most Indian cities, either in hotel business centers or internet cafes. Some hotels do charge for internet usage, based on an hourly rate. Many hotels are wifi accessible, though most do charge a service fee.

There are many options for phone usage. You may call directly from your hotel room, though rates are usually at a premium. The local phone booths are an affordable option. The codes marked on the booth indicate the following:

PCO: Local (within the state)
ISD: International
STD: Interstate (within India)

If you plan on using your cell phone, we strongly recommend calling your provider prior to departure to determine the international rates for calls, texts. and internet. You may also elect to purchase a temporary cell phone or SIM card in India, which allows friends and family to reach you throughout your trip. Incoming minutes are generally free and there are different plans available, depending on usage.

You will find this information and much more in our comprehensive Destination Guide prior to departure.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 05:04 PM

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