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Jul 12

Bhutan: The Royal Kingdom

Bhutan is truly a splendid wonder and untouched by Western influences. Even the most privileged travelers consider Bhutan a special destination - and now we invite you to visit this hidden jewel in the Himalayas.
Our customized Bhutan tours can be coordinated by flight from Delhi, Kolkota, and Nepal, or by surface from Darjeeling/Sikkim. The best part: Sodha Travel can process your visa application! Required information is sent to us 6 weeks before departure, along with a payment of $30 USD (amount subject to change). We will email you a copy of the visa approval once received from the Royal Government of Bhutan.
Please contact us with any additional questions about this enchanting country, and we look forward to coordinating your Bhutanese experience!
Posted by Allison Sodha at 06:23 PM

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