Client Testimonial: We Saved Over $4800 with Sodha Travel!

Allison Sodha

Throughout the years, Sodha Travel has remained committed to offering private and custom tours at reasonable prices. Our passion and expertise for the destinations we serve create not only unique but affordable experiences. I often browse the tour programs of other travel companies and gasp. Why, I wonder, is it so expensive? At least twice a month, I price out our packages exactly as they are offered with other companies - the same hotels, destinations, guided touring, entrance fees, internal transportation, and taxes. Almost every time, our costs are significantly less. Additionally, many of the programs are offered in a group setting, where our costs are for private tours with the added benefits of personalized experiences and schedules.

We recently had a client return from three weeks in North India. At the time of booking, she was comparing our proposals with other companies, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that our costs were - at the very least - almost $2500 less per person for the same itinerary. (The other proposals were from organizations with prominent names, which I will omit for this post.) Suzanne sent us the following note and approval to share with our readers:

Incredible India! The sights, sounds, smells, and all that makes it an appealing destination was made even more wonderful by the Sodha Travel team. The itinerary was well planned with enough time for touring and leisure activities. Your restaurant recommendations were appreciated, as well as the special touches along the way. Several of our friends traveled to India in the past with abc and xyz*, and when we were comparing costs and inclusions, Sodha Travel was considerably less expensive. You also included activities that were not part of their tour programs, and I must say they were envious of our personalized experiences! It was rewarding for us to not only have a well-managed itinerary, but to have done so with extra money in our pockets. We saved over $4800 with Sodha Travel! Even with a luxury package, we still appreciate the value of a dollar. Your services were exceptional and I will be glad to refer travelers to you. Oh, and a special thank you for recommending Deogarh Mahal. It was a treasure!

*Company names omitted for the post

We appreciate the feedback, Suzanne. We continue to strive to offer unique tour programs without the excessive mark-up. I have always believed in the value of a service and treating clients like I am one. Enchanting and private experiences are possible without the hefty price tag!

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

As the President of Sodha Travel and author of Go! Girl Guides India, Allison has spent almost two decades exploring South Asia. She has a passion for creating experiences fueled by a deeper understanding of local communities.