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Sep 12

Is Medical Tourism a Worthy Option?

If you are considering traveling abroad for a medical procedure, or just curious about the buzz on medical tourism, check out my recent article on Travelhoppers titled Medical Tourism: A Destination Operation. In the past few years, I have seen many clients reserve custom tour packages to India after completing an overseas medical procedure - and the numbers are growing. During a time when healthcare is a hot-button topic, medical tourism is skyrocketing with figures exceeding $80 billion annually. Industry professionals state the pros and cons, but the idea of merging an operation and a vacation is appealing to many. Janet Caldwell, a client who has traveled to India and Nepal several times in the past five years, had cosmetic surgery in Bangalore in 2011. She says, “The doctors, nurses and staff were excellent. My recovery accommodations were like a luxury hotel, and it was all showered with the unrivaled Indian hospitality and service. It was a destination operation, and well worth it.”

Medical Tourism in India

Tell us, would you travel overseas for a medical procedure?

Posted by Allison Sodha at 05:14 AM

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