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May 8

Client Testimonial: Sri Lanka is a Dream Come Alive!

We always enjoy hearing about the travel experiences of Sodha Travelers. Recently, Katie S. from Pittsburgh, PA sent us the following testimonial from her enchanting 12-day trip in Sri Lanka:

To start this mail, let me just say that Sri Lanka is a dream come alive. I had visions and expectations of the island being a paradise and yet so different from home. I just never anticipated the extraordinary kindness of the people, the pristine coastlines, and natural diversity. I also never thought the guides, reps, and my driver would be such an important and memorable part of the trip. Your team was so professional, informative, and thorough. I hope to return to Sri Lanka not just for a vacation but mostly to connect with the people who added such warmth to my journey. I cannot thank you enough for planning and executing a memorable trip. You know those vacations that people always talk about as changing their life? This was mine and I will never, ever forget it. I cannot say enough good things about Sodha Travel and I look forward to planning my next trip with you. Thank you again.

Thank you, Katie. If you are interested in more information about Sri Lanka, check out our May newsletter that highlights Kandy, considered the most scenic destination in this island nation. We always welcome your feedback: travel@sodhatravel.com.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 04:44 AM

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