Following Oprah in India - Tour Packages to India Can Show You All Four Cities

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“India is the greatest show on earth,” Oprah said after her whirlwind week-long visit to the country-- and no wonder: she saw four of India's top tourist destinations in one go! Oprah's Next Chapter highlighted some of the most exciting places India has to offer, but there's still plenty to be discovered in each of these enchanting cities.

If you're inspired to follow the travels of Oprah, Sodha Travel can arrange unique and affordable custom tour packages to India. There's so much to do in each city that a personalized tour, tailored to your tastes, can really help you maximize your trip.


You could stay in Mumbai for months and never exhaust it, though it's best known internationally as the capitol of Bollywood. Picturesque spots such as the Elephanta Island and the Gateway of India – also visited by Oprah-- provide opportunities for sightseeing, whereas Mumbai's vibrant nightlife can keep you entertained any and every evening. But Mumbai is perhaps best experienced on foot, where you can see the culture that Oprah found so inspiring first-hand.


Agra is the home to the magnificent Taj Mahal, which needs no introduction, but the city offers more than this wonder of the world. There's other breathtaking architecture in the form of Agra Fort, and as a former center of the Mughul Dynasty's empire, there's rich history to be found everywhere-- in the museums, restaurants, and intricate traditional puppet shows.

First Look: Women of India

Oprah's adventure in India continues Sunday, April 29, at 9/8c. Get a sneak peek at Oprah's visit to the Taj Mahal, the mysterious "city of widows" and her private visit with the queen. Plus, Oprah hosts a sit-down with a group of diverse Indian women, who speak candidly about their lives in India.


Oprah attended Jaipur's annual Literary Festival, but there's plenty to do in the city during the rest of the year. The breathtaking Palace of Winds is perhaps Jaipur's best known architectural wonder-- you can't go inside, but the exterior is truly a marvel. And Jaipur is the “crafts capital” of India; many artisan-families peddle their wares here, their crafts the result of generations honing their skills.


Rishikesh is surrounded by beautiful mountains; and India's sacred river, the Ganges, winds through it. Appropriately enough, it's a spiritual haven. Yogis flock here to perfect their art, and there are numerous meditation centers and retreats. Rishikesh is also known for its phenomenal opportunities for adventure, including white water rafting and extraordinary camping locations.

If you want to follow Oprah’s journey, specialized tour packages to India can give you the opportunity to experience each city in a personalized way. Come join us!

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