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Mar 2

Why Travel to India?

I received an interesting phone call the other day from a woman who was considering traveling to India. She asked me only one question: "Allison, why should I travel to India?" Usually, travelers have already decided on India as their next destination, or they inquire about specific elements of traveling to the region. I appreciated the simple and direct question, though I had to find a way to summarize why I believe India is a travel-worthy destination. (Really, I could spend hours on the topic!) Here was my abridged response:

Affordability: India remains one of the top fifteen most affordable destinations in the world.

People: Indians are some of the friendliest people in the world and enjoy engaging with foreigners.

Communication: Many Indians can speak at least conversational English and internet/cell/wifi service is now widely available.

Diversity: India really offers something for everyone, including history, culture, architecture, adventure, yoga, cuisine, beaches, Himalayas, backwaters, national parks, shopping, festivals, music, dancing, religion and spirituality.

Discovery: With less than 9 million annual tourists, India is still considered an undiscovered country.

Tell me, why would you select India as your next destination?

Posted by Allison Sodha at 04:39 AM

Posted in India, Culture, Shopping, Festivals and Holidays, Himalayas

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