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Apr 19

Travel Tips Welcome!

Calling all travel tips! We are in the process of updating our India and Nepal Destination Guides. We will also be adding a page of travel tips and hot spots, recommended by our travelers! Here are a few examples of recent suggestions:

"If visiting Kerala, be sure to take a cooking class. The region is overflowing with spices and the cuisine is some of the best in the world." - Jason K.

" Try not to take offence to the looks by the locals. You are a foreigner and it is part of the culture. They are curious, not rude. " - Barbara A.

"If visiting Delhi, be sure to visit Depauls in Janpath Market near Connaught Place for awesome cold coffee." - Eliana R.

"Bargaining is an accepted part of the culture, but don't walk away from a good deal for a few dollars of difference. The vendors depend on the sale for their livelihood and to support their families, and in the end you have a treasured item from your trip." - Ronald L.


Please send your India and Nepal tips/recommendations and contact information to travel@sodhatravel.com by June 1. Thank you for your valued contribution!

Posted by Allison Sodha at 06:20 AM

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