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Feb 7

2011 Cricket World Cup

As I was sitting here tonight watching the Superbowl, my mind started to drift to another upcoming sporting event. Cricket fans, the time is coming...The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup will be held between February and April in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The opening ceremony will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 17th with the closing ceremony in Mumbai, India on April 2nd. This will be the 10th Cricket World Cup and Bangladesh's fist time co-hosting the event.

The following 14 teams qualified for the finals: Canada, West Indies, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. In many countries, especially India, cricket is considered more than a game. It is a national pastime. The people come together, sometimes dozens crowding in small rooms, just to watch the matches on television. Traffic jams block the roads, offices shut down, and the priority shifts to this treasured bat and ball team sport.

For a complete list of schedules and teams, as well as updated news, please visit the official ICC Cricket World Cup website.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 02:33 AM

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