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Sep 17

Tips for Traveling to India with Children

This week, I was featured as a guest blogger on Travel Mamas. Travel Mamas is an online community where families who love to explore the world can share tips and experiences about traveling with children. The site was founded by Colleen Lanin, a mother, world traveler, and author of The Travel Mamas' Guide.

My guest blog, Tips for Traveling to India with Children, offers advice for families who wish to visit India in a fun and comfortable way - sprinkled with a dose of adventure, of course! Here is an excerpt:

"As a mom, avid traveler, and owner of a specialized travel company, India is bridged between my personal and professional lives. I promote India, write about India, and have a passion for India. As the wife of an Indian man and a mom to a toddler, traveling to the country has become more than visiting the Taj Mahal and relaxing on palm-fringed beaches. It is now focused on family, home visits, and exposing our son to half of his heritage. My roles and observations are split between tourist and resident, as I navigate hotels, transportation, and a 20-month-old in a country of over 1.2 billion people."

I encourage you to read the full entry, and also to become a Travel Mama!

Posted by Allison Sodha at 03:55 AM

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