Allison Sodha, Certified India Destination Specialist

Allison Sodha, the owner of Sodha Travel, has been researching India, writing on India, and traveling to India for many years. And now, we offer our congratulations on her recent designation as a Certified India Destination Specialist! The DS program covers the geography, history, accommodations, cuisine, transportation, and unique cultural attractions of many touring areas around the world. The comprehensive, thorough curriculum and subsequent testing assures that Allison is well equipped with the knowledge necessary to create memorable vacations for travelers to India and beyond!

Allison received the DS designation from The Travel Institute, who has been serving as a community of knowledge and insight for all travel professionals. Through innovative educational opportunities, professional certification programs, and customized learning solutions, the Institute fulfills its non-profit mission to promote a standard of industry knowledge, professionalism, and excellence.

Congrats to Allison Sodha, DS!

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Written by SodhaTraveler