Kerala: 100% computer connected!

Allison Sodha

Starting in November, all of Kerala will have access to internet access, making it India's first state with high-speed connectivity in every village.

Currently, Kerala boasts around 1,450 villages. The project is an undertaking by the state government to make the state 100% e-literate. When the campaign started last year, all but approximately 175 villages had broadband connectivity. Only nine villages, in inaccessible areas, remain to be connected.

According to the Memoirs of India blog site, "Broadband connectivity also provide services like eFiling of income tax returns, getting online applications of the public services examinations, and getting application forms for various purposes from the websites of the state government."

Kerala is one of the most popular Indian states for tourists, and our Sublime Kerala tour is a favorite among clients. 100% internet connectivity is sure to set an example for other regions in India, and we are excited to observe the technological expansion!

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

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