A testimonial - before the departure!!

Allison Sodha

I recently received this client testimonial that beautifully articulates how Sodha Travel does more than just coordinate the travel details:

"And people ask why to use a travel agency? Let me tell you why I not only use a travel agency, but I use Sodha Travel - an agency that I call my "one stop shop" for all things India. Your company goes beyond booking the hotels, flights, tours, and transfers. You promptly answer every email and phone call I have about about weather, clothing, currency, and gratuities. When I asked about wifi, I received a form with the availability and cost of wifi at each hotel on my itinerary. And yesterday, without asking, you sent me a list of restaurants in each city on my itinerary that serves food suitable to my dietary needs. Need I say more? This is all even before I depart! Would I ever receive this level of service from a traditional online site, or even another agency? Not only are your prices very fair for the services offered, but there is no question you can't answer about India. To me, that says it all. This is the second trip that I have booked with your agency, and I have returned to tell you that you continue to exceed my expectations. Well done. Very well done."

Tampa Bay, Florida

We thank you, Melinda, for your kind words!

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Allison Sodha

Written by Allison Sodha

Sodha Travel was born from my desire to share the beauty of India with the world. Since then, our services have extended to other destinations - but our passion remains the same. To me, traveling is a multifaceted relationship: a relationship with other cultures, a relationship with other people, and ultimately a relationship with our own self.