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Aug 29

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal

Nepal is an enticing Kingdom, a destination filled with religious, historical, and natural treasures. Nepal is also home to four UNESCO World Heritage sites. UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The World Heritage List is currently comprised of 962 properties that have superior universal value - 745 cultural, 188 natural, and 29 mixed. The four UNESCO sites in Nepal are Kathmandu Valley (cultural), Chitwan National Park (natural), Sagarmatha National Park (natural), and Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha (cultural).

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Aug 22

Registration Now Open for Sodha Travel's Sri Lanka Group Tour

You asked and we delivered! Sodha Travel is excited to announce a group tour to Sri Lanka in April 2013. To maintain an intimate cultural experience, this tour is limited to 24 guests.

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Aug 14

Five Free Travel Experiences in Delhi

Tomorrow, August 15th, is India's Independence Day. As the capital of India, Delhi will understandably have the largest celebration in the country. Delhi is a bustling metropolis that incorporates the ancient with the modern and the monuments stand as a silent reminder of India's legacy. Many attractions in the city incur an entrance fee, with different rates for Indian and foreign nationals. However, there are also many free activities to enjoy in India's capital and 22nd largest city in the world. Here are five of my favorite free traveler experiences in Delhi:

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Aug 2

The Wondrous Ruins of India’s Temples

India is a land rich in history, religion and tradition. These many beliefs have given rise to countless numbers of temples of various faiths, built over the course of thousands of years and displaying the architectural styles unique to the ages of their construction. A visit to India is not complete without taking time to visit some of the more well-known of these cultural masterpieces. Southern India is particularly famous for its spectacular temples. Though they decorate the landscape no matter where one might happen to be, three destinations stand out as some of the best - Madurai, Tanjore and Trichy.

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