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Mar 26

Ground Transportation: India

There are many options for Ground Transportation in India. Here is a list of common transports and sample fares:

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Mar 23

What Should I Pack?

I am often asked about what to pack when traveling to India and beyond. What clothes are appropriate? Can I bring candy to the children? Do I need to pack toilet paper? Can I bring my laptop? Here are some answers to your common travel questions:

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Mar 18

Passport Fees

As you have probably heard in the news, the U.S. Department of State is proposing an increase in passport fees. The proposed schedule is as follows:

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Mar 16

Featured Tour: Western Paradise

Sophistication meets tranquility in our Western Paradise tour. Spend 8 days/8 nights in Mumbai and Goa, two popular destinations on India's shores.

Goa has notably been called The Pearl of the Orient and India's Paradise. Settled by the Portuguese in the 15th century, Goa intricately blends European history and Indian traditions. (Many of our clients comment on the scattering of churches and statues of Mary next to Hindu temples.) Once a haven for backpackers and newlyweds, it has become a preferred destination for many, including families and luxury travelers. Pictured left: Beaches of Goa

Posted by Allison Sodha at 10:40 AM

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Mar 11

Selecting the Best Accommodations for Your Trip

When it comes to selecting accommodations in India and Nepal, there are many options: International Branded Hotels, Guest Houses, Havelis, Boutique Hotels, Ecotourism Lodging, Hostels, Luxury Hotels, Forts, Palaces, and Heritage Hotels - just to name a few! Travelers of all budgets and interests can find suitable lodging, and often there are too many options available. There is also the challenge of selecting accommodations that match the traveler's standards - a 3 star hotel in India, for example, may not be considered a 3 star hotel in France. Here is a brief summary and price point of common accommodations:

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Mar 8

Client Testimonial: "India transformed me"

As I have often expressed in this blog, many of our clients have unexpected and powerful experiences in India and Nepal - experiences that change the way they view their self and humanity. Last week, we received the following testimonial from Laura Kingston in Seattle, Washington (reprinted with her permission):

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Mar 4

Kingfisher Airlines set to join Oneworld

Kingfisher Airlines, an India-based airline, will be joining the Oneworld global alliance. First, India must grant regulatory approval, and the entire process is expected to take eighteen months. Currently, Oneworld brings together eleven airlines, including American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Iberia. Oneworld has been named the World's Leading Airline Alliance for seven consecutive years and serves over 700 destinations worldwide.

Posted by Allison Sodha at 12:34 PM

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